Cold Smoking Made Easy! 

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For food bursting with that savored smokey flavor, The Little SMOKER 6", 12" & 18" Tube Smokers offer unbelievable cold smoking made easy and affordable.

The Little SMOKER Tube Smoker is a smoke generator created for Cold Smoking cheese, meat, fish, nuts & more providing consistent results every time.

The Little SMOKER Tube Smoker can also be used during Hot Smoking to supplement smoke in your smoker or charcoal & gas BBQ grills to smoke beef jerky or other cured meats.

Our Smoker / BBQ pellets are "Food-Grade" and 100% natural with no additives, fillers, scents or oils producing "Creosote-Free" smoke!

Simply place The Little SMOKER Tube Smoker in your existing charcoal or gas BBQ grill as it's small, light & portable and requires no assembly, components to install, holes to drill or cords to plug in.

The Little SMOKER Tube Smoker is easy to use (fill pellets, ignite end, place in BBQ & let smolder), easy to clean (shake / tap out ash) and produces minimal heat.